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Thread: Rear main seal

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    Degrease the whole underside and the top of the engine then drive and wait till it leaks again dark black oil will indicate engine oil and most probably rear main,
    Dont put anything other than a genuine toyota seal on it otherwise youl probably be doing it again

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    Hi guys... i have an oil leak under my prado which i think is the rear main seal..has anyone ever had the joys of repairing themselves.. also would like to know how to properly diagnose myself if it is actually the rear main.. a lil help would be much appreciated cheers..
    I have seen it suggested on oil related forums that it might be worth trying an engine oil flush with a specialist product (like CEM for example) because the crud can build up on the seals and not allow proper contact. Might be worth a try first, coz if you have to pull the gearbox you might as well do the clutch/whatever while you are in there!


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