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    LC200 batteries in a 120 Prado

    I have split my LC200 batteries into a main and Aux setup and will be replacing them soon. We do a bit of outback work with an off road treailer and are looking at maybe a Optima yellow top as the main batterty and maybe a deep cycle lead acid as the aux. Just to keep the cost down a bit. Son lives in Perth and has a 120 D4D Prado and was wondering if I could use my old LC200 batteries in his Prado.

    LC batteries are only 18 months old but are each rated at only 530CCA. Batteries in parallel in the LC200 so CCA is up around 1060 when in parallel.

    Prado does not do a lot of off road work and would have an occasional fridge off the aux battery. No winch and the only extra is a CB which is not used all that often. Also does not get too cold there. I know I should be looking at around 630CCA but it seems a shame to throw the LC200 batteries out. Any advice?

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    Give them a try, if they fit and it cranks ok then no problem.
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    Thanks Leigh. Might fit a battery master switch or terminal switch between them for an emergency

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    I'm sure if will work, but why not have your Son use a Traxide SC80 Isolator as well. - In shared mode it works similiar to a twin battery set-up (when cranker is above 12 volts that is) and will share the cranking between both batteries.

    Suggest you send a PM to Drivesafe on here and he'll sort you out!

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    Thanks for that. Will look into it.


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