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    Also found these guys which look OK. Anyone dealt with these guys and have feedback on the quality.

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    For rads, I can only personally recommend Denso, and I have heard only good things about Aussie Desert Coolers. I personally would avoid PwubbleeewR. A mechanic mate got one custom built for his 80's Rangie (coz they are the best alloy rad right? The advertising says so...) and it was engineered by a moron! Tall radiator with no provision for expansion for the LOOONG tubes , so it split at the joint between the tubes and the top tank on the first trip. They did not want to know about it and refused to accept that it was a complete clusterf*#k; apparently denial is not just a river in Africa.

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    I bought one on eBay for around that $200 mark and there has been nothing wrong with it. If you DO get one of these, make sure you have removed all plugs and seals from the inlets and outlets and back flush it from bottom to top to remove any residual crap. Other than that, if it has a warranty... go for it.
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