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    Exclamation 2017 Prado Point GTG - Official Announcements

    This thread will be for official announcements only. Please do not reply to these posts.

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    2017 GTG - DATES !!

    The 2017 Prado Point GTG - Kimberley, Western Australia, Border to the Beach. will commence on the 28th of May 2017 at the Lake Argyle Resort and conclude on the 11th of June in Broome.
    We will travel from Lake Argyle to Broome via Kununurra, the Gibb River Rd and Derby.
    Exact itinerary will be released at a later date.

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    I have been working with our proposed accommodation providers to get good deals for us as a group. In most cases we are being treated as a tour group which enables us to use tour group reserved areas.
    We will be in some caravan parks along the way and we may be limited to the type of space eg: have to camp in allocated bays as opposed to a general group camp. I'm working on this.
    Please also be aware that is by no means going to be a budget trip. Everything in the Kimberley is expensive and camp rates are no exception being on average $40-$50 per night for two adults. So far I've had some great support form El Questro and others to reduce this slightly. Be prepared to part with your hard earned $$.
    We are aiming to have registrations open by mid July.
    We will also be doing this a bit different to the the past GTG's as we will ask you to pay your accommodation fees for the whole trip before we go.
    This is for two reasons -
    1) It makes it easier to get group rates.
    2) Means it has been secured and locked in as we will be able to pay deposits and finalise it before we get there otherwise you have no guarantees.

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    DATES :
    Sunday 28th May 2017 - Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park Welcome Dinner on 1st night -2 nights Unpowered
    Tuesday 30th May - Kununurra (Caravan park to be confirmed)- 1 night Power
    Wednesday 31st May - El Questro Wilderness Park - The Station camping- 3 nights Unpowered
    Saturday 3rd June - Ellenbrae Station- 1 night
    Sunday 4th June - Manning Gorge campground- 2 nights
    Tuesday 6th June - King Leopold Ranges Cons Park Silent Grove Campground (for Bell Gorge)- 2 nights Unpowered
    Thursday 8th June - Windjana Gorge National Park (also for Tunnel Creek)- 2 nights Unpowered
    Saturday 10th June - Derby Kimberley Entrance CVP- 1 night Power
    Sunday 11th June - Broome (Caravan Park to be confirmed) for Cable Beach sunset and Farewell Dinner- 1 night Power
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    Registrations are now open!
    Check the registration thread.
    Can't we just keep travelling?
    Travelling Panelbeater
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    We've also started a Facebook group for those of you that are on there.
    It's a closed group so you'll have to apply and then we'll approve you.
    Can't we just keep travelling?
    Travelling Panelbeater
    Follow us on Facebook... Mr & Mrs Whitey's Great Oz Trek


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