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Thread: any common problems with 1kz-te diesel engine?

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    any common problems with 1kz-te diesel engine?

    Hi guys new to the forum, hope this is in the right section, I'm looking at buying a 2005 Prado 120 series with 3.0l turbo deisel 1KZ-te engine 140,000km..... was just chasing any info i can find on this engine, common faults, reliability ect...? cheers!

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    have a search through the 120 diesel section most of the issues that varyious members have had will already be listed...
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    I bought my 2003 120 1KZ-TE at 130000ks and it has now done 235000ks without an ounce of trouble except for a weep in the radiator. I treat it kindly and change the oil every 5000ks and the filter at 10000ks, I've towed a caravan to Perth and back as well as towing the van right up the beach on Fraser Island a couple of times. The auto box does the job very nicely and I expect to get many more trouble free ks out of it.

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    I bought mine with 245,000ks on the clock and have now done 280,000 with no dramas aside from again a weepy rad. Ive done a bit of research and the only thing i have come up with so far is make sure you change the glow plugs every 100k. Also keep the oil clean. Change it every 5000k and give it a good flush. these engines are good for 500k if they are looked after. The most common way of them dying is when they sludge and coke up and starve themselves of oil due to lack of care - same as most jap oil burners.

    Its a basic engine hence why i wanted it. The D4D's seem far too fussy and fragile. Also expensive and complex to fix.

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    Most of the problems are associated to the D4D after late 2006 I believe
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    Cool, thanks heaps for the info guys, sounds like the 1kz-te is really reliable, although less power than the D4D, i worry about the sensitive injectors on the common rail D4D still thinking and looking around though. Cheers!

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    I have just lost my 2005 Prado motor on 225000km, cylinder head cracked between 2 pistons. The complete engine is scraped with the turbo. If you searched you will found that a cracked cylinder head is common.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirt Road View Post
    I have just lost my 2005 Prado motor on 225000km, cylinder head cracked between 2 pistons. The complete engine is scraped with the turbo. If you searched you will found that a cracked cylinder head is common.
    Percentage wise probably not that common really?
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    My 120 is in at the moment for a new head.Toyota sevice manager said "it's not an uncommon problem"
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    So the 1kzte doesn't suffer from the the injector/seal problems of the D4D ?????? sorry if I'm in the wrong place to ask or if it has been asked before, I'm new and this is my first post Just need to know before I commit to buying 2004 intercooled TD Prado for the mrs..

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    The 1kz isn't the same arrangement. You need to remember that in any diesel injectors are a consumable but the injectors are much cheaper on the 1kz. I don't know what the injector seals are made of but I haven't heard of the same issue.
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    Hi mate I bought mine 05 prado when it 50 thou on the clock I have never had problem with it and I have giving it one hell of a life I don't muck around so basically I drive the ass of it and she just keeps on going but in saying that I am very particular bout my servicing every 5k. The old girls can handle a fair bit. Mine now has done just Over 200k and I'm still on the original injectors glow plugs clutch and brakes but they are due to changed very shortly along with the injectors. So I can not fault it
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    Yep, they are a good motor, it'll be interesting to see you're glow plugs after 200k mick mine burnt out at 100, no damage but a bugger to change the fuse.

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    I pulled one out the other day just to have look and strike me dead they still look brand new and they test up fine as well lol I think I got a Wednesday car iwas going to take a couple pics but my hands where to dirty and I was running out if time
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    I've been meaning to get something done about the glow plugs on my 2003 GLX for some time now it's done 180000 Km. About 2 weeks ago when I started it first thing in the morning, it was like it was running on 3 cylinders for a couple of seconds and a plume of white smoke out the exhaust. Straight away I thought of this forum and the glow plugs. Had them all pulled out during the week. 3 were fine but one had disintegrated. Doesn't seem to have caused any problems (fingers crossed) While it was in the workshop I had them run some fuel system cleaner through the throttle body. Starts great now and runs a little smoother. I'm still a little worried about the remains of the glow plug tip and its whereabouts, but figure it must have broken in to a powder and blown out through the exhaust. There are no rattles or smoke on startup. Have been on a few 100Km runs and all seems fine. They may be a low tech motor compared to the D4D but seem to be very reliable.
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