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Thread: EFS Suspension

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    If the rear is less than 20mm higher than the front, the back of the car will be lower than the front when measuring from the ground to the bottom of the side steps. The problem will get worse when you're carrying a load.
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    Which EFS suspension

    Hi Guys,

    I need some advice please. I intend upgrading to an EFS suspension from my standard one but I'm confused as to which one I should go for.

    This is my current set up:
    1. Roof rack which will be heavily loaded at least 6-8 times a year (incl Hi-Lift jack, spade)
    2. Fully loaded cargo area with fridge and all other stuff
    3. 2 adults and 2 kids.
    4. rock sliders, and replacement (Lynx 4x4) rear steel bumper.
    5. 4mm bash plates soon to be fitted

    I use the vehicle for trips and maybe once or twice a week (unloaded) as well.I also do trails once a month.

    I intend installing an ARB sahara bumper in a couple of months so I need to consider that as well.

    Should I go for the Elite, Enforcer or Extreme
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve M View Post
    You lost me at the open and shut part lol.. I have no idea on this stuff only what I have read and seen on here or general talk. Ive also heard that anything with IFS is suppose to be lower in the nose then the rear end. I think I read that in 4wd action magazine, again only what I have read, think this had some thing to do with steering ?? will see if I still have the magazine, probably thrown it......Cheers Steve
    Steve, I noticed on mine that the rear does sit higher than the front. Where can I find out more about this, google didn't give me much or maybe using the wrong terms...

    Is it an IFS trait? I'd be interested to learn more.

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    Mate I probably know as much as you do about it or you probably no more lol. I have only read that about the front should be lower then the rear ??? I know when I look at the standard 100 series land cruiser they are extremely noticeable in regards to this, they really look like there nose diving especially under brakes...Myn has the standard suspension in it and is noticeable the front sitting lower then the rear, but then when its loaded the bum squats down a bit lower the the front, i really need to update the suspension as its annoying and i dont feel like it handles any where near as good when really loaded, especially compared to both my old 90's that had OME fitted, they rode extremely well both loaded and unloaded and with out the need for airbags in the rear coils.......
    ""Is it an IFS trait? I'd be interested to learn more."" I would say a definate yes
    Cheers Steve
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