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Thread: Exhaust systems for 150's which is best?

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    Just bought a 2.75" stainless steel system! Cant wait to fit it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pearl150 View Post
    Put on a Beaudesert exhaust last week and very happy. At speed no difference in cabin noise, but under acceleration you can get a burble happening. It also sounds throatier when you turn it off. Less restriction I feel. Larger in diameter obviously, by my measurement around 10mm OD, and mandrel bent. I drove over 1000km's at an average of 99 kph (according to trip feature) from Brisbane to near Canberra at Easter and used 10.4 litres per hundred. Would normally see closer to 12's at that speed. Had it on 120 kph on freeways, which is around 110 kph.
    Bit more pull at the lights, and around 1500 to 1700 rpm down Pennant Hills Road through Sydney it was at the head of the pack. No difference in shift points etc. Cant wait to see how it tows the camper next week with bigger mud tyres and full loaded. Cheers, mmm beer.
    How much did they sting you for the full beaudesert system? Did you fit it yourself?

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    update on the Berklee 3in 4wd action system. I am happy to report that fuel consumption is down from 10.3 to 9.6! happy days!
    2013 (12 build) GX Auto.......with safari snorkel, toyota bar, tow bar, roof racks, led spots with fancy newpro switchgear, uniden remote UHF and aerial, ARB bash plates, Roadsafe recovery points, digoptions radio, general grabber AT2s, cheap ebay roof rack that has stood up surprisingly well.....

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    Evening all,
    I have been most interested reading this thread and based on the information garnered went to my local exhaust centre and got spoken to by the man. I just started to tell him I wanted a sports exhaust only and then he started with all the sales pitch. It was unfortunate as I had previously used him to supply and fit a 2.5" system on my Patrol and it was very good value for money and I thought I'd use him again but when they won't listen to what you want then it's all over in my book.
    Anyhoo, I went to another bloke, recommended to me by another member of our 4WD Club, who listened to what I wanted, agreed totally with the logic, assured me he had done lots of them and all for $200.00 fitted. It's an Outlaw stainless steel hi-flow muffler and the change in the driveability of the vehicle is remarkable.
    No longer is there any hesitation when accelerating out of a roundabout. You can give it a bootful and it knows what to do with it, unlike previously when you gave it a bootful is jsut seemed to wait and consider whether or not you meant to treat it so callously...
    So it now goes like a good thing, fuel economy is 13.6, down from 14.2 (that's an all time average with high speed towing and low range towing and 100km a day driving around town fully loaded). It does have more noise in the cabin at about 115km/hr but the volume control on the radio can overcome that...
    It has to be the safest, cheapest, best value for money mod I've done to any vehicle - other than the air horns
    Happy trails

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    I received my stainless steel Beaudesert exhaust yesterday.

    Great quality!
    I started to remove my old exhaust but my patience ran out so i stopped and will continue working on it today. Some of those bolts are a absolute B!^CH to take off!!!! I needed to use a rattle gun to take off the 2 that join the tail pipe!
    My next problem is that i think i need to jack my car up to remove the rear tailpipe but i dont have any height clearance because i live in a apartment!

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    So, i completed the install.

    I went for the Stainless steel Beaudesert 2.75" exhaust with a 200 cell cat

    I have to say the car goes much better! Much more responsive, more power, torque and acceleration. I should have done it a long time ago!!

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    Just had a redback muffler fitted in place of the factory blockage. what a difference, definitely more responsive especially from a standing start or low rpm such taking off at roundabouts etc. It spins up smoother and lower in the rev range, very happy.

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    Who in Canberra fitted your Redback muffler Pugaree. Thinking of getting this done also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark150td View Post
    Who in Canberra fitted your Redback muffler Pugaree. Thinking of getting this done also.
    These guys have done a bit of work for me before and I do recommend them.
    Fyshwick Exhaust Centre
    2/129 Newcastle St Fyshwick ACT 2609
    (02) 6280 4336

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    I paid exhaust system costs 250.

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