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Thread: 90 series genuine Toyota workshop manual

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    90 series genuine Toyota workshop manual

    Happy new year all!
    The local dealer's parts dept has informed me that Toyota has ceased supply/production of all workshop manuals to Joe Public, forthwith! PERIOD! Access to electronic manuals by Toyota internal network only.
    I guess they want to protect us from ourselves; Toyota "technicians" being the only people qualified to screw up the repair and service of your vehicle.
    Does anyone know where I can get a copy, electronic or otherwise, of a genuine manual for KZJ95? I have the aftermarket manuals and the 1KZTE pdf manual, but as you know the genuine manuals have got that little bit extra detail that is often very useful!

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    Re: 90 series genuine Toyota workshop manual

    happy New year steve, you could try Ebay in hope that 1 will appear on there, short of that become good mates with 1 of the machanic's from your local Toyota dealer and borrow the manual then copy it for your needs.

    Cheers Chris

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    Hi guys.

    I have good news for you if you haven't worked it out.

    The original Body/Chassis Manual for the 90/95 is the RM517E

    -I called up Toyota Parts and they told me that it is out of print.
    -I was disappointed as I was expecting.
    -I asked if it was superceded by anything.
    -He said surprisingly yes "RM627E, $43 ex-Japan and payment is needed up front."
    -My credit card couldn't come out fast enough.

    Hope this helps guys.

    All I need now is to source the electrical wiring diagram for the kzj95r and all will be sweet.


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    You're a good man Gunga Din!!!

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    Digging up an old thread here, but used the part number to enquire as I'm after one, was told suppliers no longer do paper manuals! I thought it was worth a go..

    So if anybody has one they want to sell or know of someplace that still holds them let me know thanks!


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