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Thread: Auto Transmission fluid

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    Auto Transmission fluid

    I am fully aware that the recommended fluid for the Auto Transmission is Toyota's Type T-IV.

    I am interested to know if there is any alternative fluid that is up to spec's?

    If there is, has anyone assessed it? :?:
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    I just found a possible replacement fluid for the Toyota's Type T-IV.

    Nulon 100% Synthetic Multi Vehicle Automotive Transmission Fluid.

    Nulon 100% Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (SYNATF) is formulated with 100% synthetic base fluids and advanced additive technology to enhance fluid performance, wear protection and transmission durability.

    Nulon 100% Synthetic SYNATF uses the latest Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid technology that is suitable for most manufacturer requirements such as Allison C-4, Mercon? V, JASO 1-A, ATF+4 and many others. The fully synthetic formulation has improved oxidation stability, shear stability, and friction durability to enhance transmission shift performance.

    Nulon SYNATF uses a unique friction modifier technology to give excellent anti-shudder performance with high torque capacity. It has been passed extensive performance testing and vehicle testing for American, European, and Asian vehicles. It is suitable for use in Asia Pacific OEM automatic transmissions such as Toyota and Honda.

    Nulon SYNATF has simplified the complexity of many transmission fluid requirements to one product. It is compatible to many old and new transmissions while offering excellent wear protection, fluid durability, and better gear shift ability. It is suitable for Automatic Transmission that requires low viscosity application however it may not meet the viscometric requirements of those fluids.
    Benefits and Features

    Excellent oxidation resistance and improved cleanliness for long life and fluid durability
    Superior anti wear performance to protect the transmission
    Improved sludge and varnish control
    Excellent low temperature and anti-shudder properties for better shift feel and drivability
    Fortified anti corrosion properties for transmission component durability
    Enhanced foam inhibition to prevent wear caused by oil aeration or foaming
    Improved seal protection
    Minimal friction changes with increasing temperature
    Better torque capacity
    Expanded anti-shudder properties for better driving experience
    Outstanding friction durability performance over wide temperature

    Type I/ II/ III, IV, WS

    Has anyone ventured to try this? :wink:
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    25 lookers and no input?
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    The bloody thing is factory sealed so wannabe home mechanics like me can't easily pull the thing to bits.

    With my warranty I think I will leave it to the dealer.

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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    It's not sealed, there is a fill plug on the side much like a manual gearbox.

    It's been sealed as there's no need to regularly check the fluid level unless there's a leak ("filled for life" like the new commodore gearboxes that use the Dexron VI fluid).
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    Put my truck in to my local 4WD service guy to have the auto tranny fluid changed as part of my lead up to the GTG and the Simpson Crossing after. The truck had has just done 100,000km,s so it was suggested that I get it done.
    The service guy called me to say that Toyota may not be able to get the new fluid to him today to be able to complete the service but asked him why he was touching the gearbox anyway as it was "sealed for life"
    He replied that the oil was black and may cause something to fail later on.
    Who is right here, should the gearbox not be touched as Toyota state or is it recommended that the oil be changed, particularly with those sort of km's on the clock and the fact that I tow a reasonably heavy boat quite frequently.

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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    "sealed for life"
    I don't know where the "Sealed for life" came from.... the Auto trans oil, manual gearbox and transfer case are all listed as inspection items in the factory service schedule(Every 40K kms under "Normal" conditions from memory).

    Sure there's not a regular change interval listed for them, but if, on inspection, you find discolouration or signs of contamination then you change the fluid.

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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    The factory service guide says to "Inspect" the auto transmission fluid every 40,000km. This continues all the way through to 200,000km.
    I may have used the term sealed for life incorrectly. Perhaps I should have said that by deleting the old fluid level dipstick they have taken away your ease (and apparently your need) to check the fluid yourself.
    I also note their regulatory warranty disclaimer: "damage caused by improper maintenance, or the use of fuels , oils, lubricants or fluids other than those specified in the owner's manual are not covered."

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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    If the fluid is black then it is plain and simply "burnt" and needs to be replaced ASAP.

    The 6 speed ZF gearbox used in Ford Falcons are also "sealed for life" but that doesn't literally mean that it never needs to be replaced. Who would have thunk? :mrgreen:

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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    There is quite a procedure for getting the levels right in the auto. I went through this when I drowned my transmission on a previous Prado. The fluid in the auto has to be at a certain temperature (measured by a voltage off one of the sensors) and some other things as well that I can't quite remember from the 3 or 4 pages on it that got faxed to me by a Toyota dealer in the wilds of Tassie just to do with changing or checking the levels. From what they said the volume changes a lot.
    Why get aftermarket fluid anyway. Just buy some from a Toyota dealer. I have 4 litres in the garage from them from the misadventure if anyone needs some in Melb
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    Had me an 1966 XP Falcon sedan delivery into which I dropped a 289 V8, 465 Holley 4 barrel, trick shifted C4 auto and 9 inch. I would fill the auto with fluid, take it for a spin and give it a bit of stick. The auto would spit out whatever excess fluid and would then be as happy as could be. Simple. No guessing on the dipstick or worrying if it was hot enough to measure!

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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    God, there's some black magic or urban myths going on here Just check the fluid as per the book instructions when the engine's hot.

    I'm using the Nulon that oldsalt wrote about. Changed it about 6 weeks ago (75000km). I've noticed no difference whatsoever - better or worse. Maybe the bands haven't worked out yet that it's different oil :mrgreen:
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    old thread, but oh well.
    Anyone know how much oil I will need for the transmission to be flushed?
    As I will be changing over to synthetic, i need to make sure the torque converter and everything are flushed clean.
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    Had a look at the Toyota service procedure on the 5 Sp Autos and it's approx. 11.4 Litres. I'm not sure what the capacity on the older transmission is although it's probably close to this. Still trying to investigate the flushing part but not having any success. They may possibly flush the older 4 sp units but not the 5 sp? Let us know how you go and what procedure you used.
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    Re: Auto Transmission fluid

    i used 7.5 L to flush my 750F transmition (auto 5spd)
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