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    Mar 2011
    Mine is just barely run in at 7 years old and only 81,000kms LOL.
    Kaka Latte Club SWMBO
    2009 Toyota Prado 150 Kakadu V6 Auto, TJM T13 steel Winch Bar, Tigerz11 Grande 12,000lb winch, IPF 900XS spotties with HID globes, Uniden 7760NB UHF, BFG KO2 265/70/17 rubber, Dobinsons C59-726 front springs, Roadsafe Recovery Points, Bushskinz Bash Plates, Rhino Pioneer Platform, Roo Systems Awning, Traxrax.

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    '04 GXL 1GR-FE with 247XXX on the clock.
    FORMER TasGTG 2015 Committee Member
    '04 120 Petrol Flinders Red GXL with ARB Catalog, with TJM add ons!

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    Dec 08 d4d GX manual 155,500km. Currently undergoing a bit of work. New rotors all round, new pads, new calipers on the front and possibly braided brake hoses. All scratches and dings repaired, bull bar painted, new battery and a good general clean up including underneath. Recently checked injectors on Techstream, very good but inj #3 might be a future problem. I believe injectors and sheets / seals are original. Gave the engine oil a good flush and checked pick up screen - all good. I have started budgeting now for new injectors, SCV, EGR clean, valve clearance check, compression test and EGR blanking plate. Vehicle has been 100% reliable and relatively economical whilst I have owned it.
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    Wirrabara Forest S.A.

    Red face 90 Series Prado Diesel Kilometers

    Hi Guys, My 2002 1KZ Diesel Prado has done 397,000 KLMS. Love It !!!

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    2013 altitude
    150 series 3.0L TD
    24,000 klms

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    diesel auto
    278,000 kms
    Compressions: "good"
    Just replaced entire fuel injector system, water pump, timing belt, cleaned tanks & added an extra fuel filter
    First tank since fix used 11 l/100 kms

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    Mines a 2011 150 diesel with 100000k's

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    2007 120 petrol V6 GXL at 245000 and running like it's brand new!

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    mines 2006 120 GXL Diesel 145,000

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    2008 Prado 120 GXL V6 198,000

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    Jan 2007 D4D GXL Manual just about to hit 239,000k's. Still original clutch too :-)

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    My 2011 Diesel has done 161,000km and going strong.


    2011 Silver GXL Diesel Auto with dual batteries & pirellis etc often pulling a Jayco Discovery Outback

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