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Thread: Fuel Consumption V6 Engine

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    what about having a snorkel fitted on the petrol
    Does that make the fuel consumption better
    More air in to the engine
    And what would be the best octane to run in a 2006 4litre
    91 or 98 I think that's the only levels we have
    Been out of touch with the petrol after running diesels
    For many years
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    I have a 03 with lift, bullbar, ARB rack and LPG. Just did a trip to Yeppoon from Brisbane and took a few scenarios loaded up with gear and 4 humans.
    Highway 350km 16.1 litres LPG
    Beach/town 288km 17.1 litres 98 petrol
    Highway 402km 13.7 litres 98 petrol

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