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Thread: Introductions

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    Welcome everyone.
    Bluestorm mafia and maybe one or two other vices.
    My 150:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve M View Post
    Good for another 300 thou
    Here's hoping lol.
    For the price, if I get a couple of years bush bashing out of it, I'll be happy

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    Hi all
    I'll be picking up my first prado between now and the weekend, only heard good things about them so looking forward to it.
    2007 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXL Manual Turbo Diesel, Black and all stock


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    Welcome yogi. Have a good read regarding 120 injectors, that will be the thing that will let you down IF you don't keep an eye on your oil changes and oil pickup. Lots of very good info on this forum.
    1997 petrol auto, 430 000km. Still going strong.
    2004 petrol auto, 233 000km. Cracked dash and no help from Toyota!

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    Thanks, engine was changed 60k ago with a new one (seen the recite from Toyota) and injector seats changed too, will look into it more too though.

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    Afternoon folks,

    Been reading PP on and off for a few years, finally decided to jump on board and say something as I'm researching some new suspension and a few other minor fixes (including side panel rattles - new clips on their way thank to advice from this site!)

    2006 GXL Diesel Auto, 185k kms. Extra rattles installed after crossing the Gibb.

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    Richard Baak - Based in Johannesburg, South Africa

    Vehicle details
    2006 LC Prado 120 4L V6 Black

    Vehicle Specs
    Pretty much stock, have added a front runner roof rack and awning

    Experience Trips etc
    No experience myself (other than being in the passenger seat), hopefully with the Prado will start venturing out at getting some good experience

    What do you wish to gain from the forum?
    Experience by learning from the experienced. Getting really good advice on the Prado 120

    What are your fields of expertise
    Anything to do with Payroll including Payroll Tax, Payroll and HRIS systems, Payroll Accounting

    Other Interests
    Outdoors in General, Fishing, Hiking, Sports (Cricket, Hockey, Formula 1, Rugby), Reading (trying to get through the Wilbur Smith Collection, but he writes faster than I read)

    Previous 4x4's
    None myself, however my father had a LR Discovery and then a LC105 GX 4500EFI

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